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INTEL: Issue A2: Argentinian Patches

In Military History
For this section I have used these two books as a reference and information on the badge when bought. The 1st book is “Marine Badges & Insignia of the World” by Bert L. Campbell and Ron Reynolds, published by Blandford Press, Dorset 1983, and the 2nd is  “Argentine Forces in the Falklands” by Nicholas Van Der Bijl, illustrated by Paul Hannon, published by Osprey Men At Arms No. 250.


A2-26   Amphibious Vehicles Battalion No.1 (Blandford Press, Plate 33, this plate is used through-out this section).


A2-27   C.M.N.  Compania de Infanteria  2, 2nd Infantry Company of the C.M.N.


A2-28   N.C.O. School for Marines (Blandford Press).


A2-29   Compania de Ingeneros Anfibios, Marine Infantry.


A2-30   A.P.S.C.   Quarters Service Unit  (Blandford Press).


A2-31   4th Marine Infantry Battalion (Blandford Press).


A2-32   1st Artillery Battalion, Company 1, Marines   (Blandford Press).


A2-33   2nd Marine Infantry Battalion  (Blandford Press & Osprey 250)


A2-34   5th Marine Infantry Battalion  (Blandford Press)


A2-35   Base de I.M. Bajerias, Marine Shore Batteries (Blandford Press)


A2-36   Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion, Marines  (Blandford Press)


A2-37   F.F.E.E.  unknown unit to me, could it be the Justice Dept.?


A2-38   F.F.E.E.  as above but subdued O/D.


A2-39   Navy Divers.


A2-40   Argentine Antarctic Station unit patch, only 33 are worn at any one time.


A2-41   Argentine Air Force, E.A. 6E.  P-3  ORION, unit not known.

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