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In May we’re releasing Imperium: Classics and Imperium: Legends, two standalone deck-building civilisation games designed by Nigel Buckle and Dávid Turczi. Today on the blog we’re looking at the Vikings, by which we mean the seafaring Norse from present day Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. This covers the period from the first recorded raids in 793 CE to 1066 CE, making them the most recent civilisation that the game portrays.Continue Reading
Join Guerrilla Miniature Games for a playthrough of Tim Korklewski's Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the VIking Age!Continue Reading

5 New Creatures coming in Ragnarok: The Vanir

In Osprey Games
Ragnarok: The Vanir publishes on 26th December, and brings a host of new content to the skirmish game of heavy metal combat in the Viking age. Amongst the new content are a vast array of creatures for the Bestiary, some of which you can find below!Continue Reading
As your War Clan explores the Fractured Realms, they will encounter a host of dangerous creatures and Demimortals. These fearsome encounters will do everything in their power to stop those they think are not worthy, but should you gain their respect they may join you on your as you battle your way up from ruin to stand before the halls of Valhalla.Continue Reading
Wondering what you need to get to play Ragnarok, our upcoming Viking campaign-driven skirmish game? Here's a look at what you'll want to pick up to prepare for battle!Continue Reading
Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age is a campaign driven skirmish game publishing in May 2019. On the blog today, author Tim Korklewski tells us a little more about the game!Continue Reading

The Evolution of the Viking Warrior

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Today marks the anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge, a bloody battle that saw Harald Hardrada slain and his army defeated, bringing the Viking Age to an end..Continue Reading

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