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Osprey will be working from home from Tuesday 17th March. We plan to continue all our operations, while reducing risk of infection by having staff work from home. Please note that we are doing our best to manage incoming post and parcels. For the time being please refrain from sending items to our offices and please assume that items that you have sent to us, have not arrived with their intended recipient. Our priority remains the wellbeing of staff, authors, customers, freelancers, suppliers and distributors. We would like to thank all for their support whilst we transition to virtual operations.


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Ash Barker brings you Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Chaos Theory, a random group generator for Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse and Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons...Continue Reading

Introducing Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse: Seasons

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As I sit and write the summer is in full glory here in the Wine Country in Canada. The Niagara Delta sits between two of North America’s ‘Great Lakes’, bodies of fresh water so huge they can almost be called inland seas. Being on a sliver of land between two of these means our weather conditions tend to the extremes. Hot and humid in the summer, with winters alternating between ferociously cold if the wind tilts from the north to massively snowy if multiple weather effects collide over us...Continue Reading
Frostgrave: The Wizards' Conclave is the latest supplement to the best-selling fantasy wargame by Joseph A. McCullough, bringing a host of talented wargames designers to the frozen ruins of Felstad. On the blog today we have one such designer - Joseph McGuire - talking about the scenario he wrote for the book.Continue Reading
Frostgrave: The Wizards' Conclave is the latest supplement to the best-selling fantasy wargame by Joseph A. McCullough, bringing a host of wargames designers to the frozen ruins of Felstad. Today we hear from Joel Eddy, host of Drive Thru Games and a great fan of Frostgrave who contributed a scenario to the book!Continue Reading

Frostgrave: The Wizards' Conclave Flipthrough!

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Ash Barker, author of Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse and creator of the incredibly popular Guerrilla Miniatures Games YouTube channel, flips through Frostgrave: The Wizards Conclave.  The book brings a host of new scenarios to the Frozen City from some of the most well-known wargame writers out there, including Ash himself! Continue Reading
The second issue of Gaslands: Time Extended! is out! Stina's Stockpile features rules for new weapons and upgrades, a new sponsor, Scarlett Annie, a new perk class, and two new scenarios! Download your copy for free here.Continue Reading
The War Rigs are rolling out in Savage Highways, the first issue of Gaslands: Time Extended! Written by Mike Hutchinson and Glenn Ford, and featuring incredible photos from the Gaslands community, this free digital supplement includes additional rules for playing with War Rigs, four new scenarios, and a narrative campaign based upon these glorious juggernauts!Continue Reading
Jonathan Haythornthwaite, author of Dracula's America: Shadows of the West, talks about the process of writing the Hunting Grounds, the eagerly anticipated first supplement to the popular skirmish wargame...Continue Reading

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