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Osprey's Christmas Gift Guide

In Military History, Featured

Need some inspiration for gifts this Christmas? There's only 2 more days left of our 30% off sale, so we've put together a list of books that make the perfect gift and are included in the sale! Click on any of the covers below to order your copy, and don't forget to navigate the sale by using the tabs at the left-hand side of the website. 

Remember, if you're ordering from the UK/US, you need to order by 9 December to be sure your order will arrive in time for Christmas! For more information, click here


the raf

Storm of Eagles 

Storm of Eagles

This remarkable volume is a must-have for anyone interested in World War II aviation, combining classic photographs with never-before-seen wartime images.

The Royal Air Force

To mark the centenary of the world’s first independent air force, we published The Royal Air Force this year. Detailing its history from its formation in the dying days of World War I through to the Cold War and modern times, this is the complete story of how the RAF has defended Britain for a century.


World War II

Atlas of the European Campaign


Atlas of the European Campaign 1944–45

The European Theatre saw some of the most famous battles and operations of World War II. From the beaches of D-Day through to the final battles in war-ravaged Germany, the war across the breadth and depth of Western Europe is brought to life through scores of carefully researched and intricately detailed maps.


Phil Stern is remembered for his iconic images of Old Hollywood stars, but his remarkable service during World War II as a combat photographer with Darby’s Rangers has remained largely unknown. Until now. Stern’s catchy 1940s lingo, honest and intimate observations, and humor, paired with his striking combat photography will transport you 70 years back in time to meet the hardscrabble Rangers and experience some of the key battles of the Mediterranean Theater.


Ancient & Medieval

The Samurai

Rome at War 

The Vikings 

The Samurai

In this exciting book, Stephen Turnbull, the world's leading authority on the samurai, goes beyond the battlefield to paint a picture of the samurai as they really were. The world of the samurai warrior is revealed to be one of great richness, with familiar topics such as the cult of suicide, ritualised revenge and the lore of the samurai sword being seen in the context of an all-encompassing warrior culture that was expressed through art and poetry as much as through violence.

Rome at War

This compact volume tells the fascinating story of the major conflicts that shaped the empire, from Julius Caesar's bloody Gallic Wars and the Civil War against Pompey that left the victorious Caesar Dictator of Rome, through the wars of expansion to its decline and fragmentation.

The Vikings

The history of the Vikings is bloody and eventful, and Viking warriors capture the popular imagination to this day. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and original Osprey artwork, this book presents a new window into their way of life.


Spotter's Guides

Ship Spotter's Guide

Tank Spotter's Guide 

Loco Spotter's Guide

Plane Spotter's Guide 

Our Spotter’s Guides feature fantastic collections of profiles on various vehicles, looking at their history, construction and specifications. Illustrated with detailed drawings, these guides provide useful facts and anecdotes about different machines of war, and help readers to identify these differences.


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