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Gen Con Online - Digital RPG Events

In Osprey Games

Usually by this time some of the Osprey Games team would have flown over to the US to prepare for Gen Con. Instead, we're going to be at home in our sweatpants, but we've got plenty of fun stuff lined up.

Today on the blog we want to highlight two events being run by Osprey Games RPG authors.

Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore

The Dread Beneath

Saturday - 2PM EDT (7PM BST)


Two days ago a farmhand disappeared. A local healer is accused of cursing a village. The heroes will have to get to the bottom of the mystery before it's too late.

Join author Scott Malthouse to and play Romance of the Perilous Land: A Roleplaying Game of British Folklore. Running for 3 hours, Scott will be teaching you everything you need to know to play and all the required resources will be provided. The game will be played using Roll20.

Get your ticket here.

Those Dark Places: Industrial Science-Fiction Roleplaying

The Long Night

Sunday - 1PM EDT (6PM BST)

The Players are awakened during a standard 6 month transit to a research station orbiting a dead star. They haven't reached their destination yet, so why? And why are the alarms sounding?

Those Dark Places: Industrial Science-Fiction Roleplaying is the next RPG coming out in the Osprey Roleplaying line, and author Jonathan Hicks is running a session on Sunday at Gen Con Online. The game will take 2 hours, with no prior experience with the system required and all resources provided. The game will be played using Roll20.

Get your ticket here.

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