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Fortress Competition - The Winners!

In Military History, Featured

Well, I had a blast going through all of your entries, and I must say you are all much better at building forts than I am! It was tricky, but I have come up with our three winners.

In third place comes Robert with his fold away castle

fort multi pic

In second place comes Nikolajs, who utterly outdid my attempt to create a fort with Osprey books.


5UJZHvG - Imgur

And finally, in first place came Carvel with this stunning fortress.

FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender


He kindly offered this description to go with it:

The fort is part of the defensive works of St. Elmo on Malta during the great siege of 1565. At the front can be seen an Ottoman bombard shutter with the phrase ‘a gift from Dragut’ on the front. Dragut was a significant Ottoman strategist in the siege of Malta.

In the background can be seen the towers of a longer stretch of fortification built from two similar castle kits, allowing a curtain and main wall to be represented.

Congratulations to our three winners, who will all be receiving a free copy of Fortress 108: Germany's East Wall in World War II. Carvel will also be receiving a copy of our 2016 calendar.

Thanks to everyone who took part, all the forts were very impressive! We felt that you definitely deserved something for your effort, so have sent you vouchers granting you 20% off a Fortress book of your choice, a valuable reference point in your fort-building endeavours.

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