Fancy a week on a Victorian Farm?

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After the success of their television series \'Victorian Farm\', BBC 2 are now looking for volunteer families to spend a week on their farm, competing against other families to master the crafts of the Victorian age in a new show entitled Escape in Time.

Personally, my father grew up on a dairy farm and he never made the experience sound like that much fun. It\'s hard enough getting up at seven to go sit in an office. I don\'t think I\'m ready for a crack of dawn, five o\'clock, get-up and milk the cows beginning to my day. Nor do I fancy rediscovering the magic of rural Victorian toilet facilities.

Still, if you think it is for you, and you\'ve got a free week in September, drop the BBC an email with your telephone number at this address

Or, if you are more like me, you can read all about it from the seat of a comfy chair in Shire Publication\'s The Victorian Farmer.


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