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eBook Releases for May!

In Military History

Time again for our new eBook releases! This month's varied list features new recruits and hardened veterans of the Osprey series, including the United States Marine Corps title - first enlisted in 1972. Feel free to delve into the ranks of our eBooks, available to download now!

CAM 244: The Falklands 1982

CMD 25: Omar Bradley

DUE 42: DH 2 vs Albatros D I/D II
DUE 43: M4 Sherman vs Type 97 Chi-Ha
DUE 6: USN Carriers vs IJN Carriers

ELI 157: The German Home Front 1939–45
ELI 149: The Scottish Jacobite Army 1745–46
ELI 33: South-East Asian Special Forces
ELI 38: The NVA and Viet Cong
ELI 41: Elite Forces of India and Pakistan
ELI 43: Vietnam Marines 1965–73
ELI 55: Marine Recon 1940–90

FOF 6: Bush Wars

FOR 53: Defending Space

GNM Joshua L. Chamberlain

MAA 363: Germany's Eastern Front Allies (2)
MAA 356: Armies in the Balkans 1914–18
MAA 398: The Texan Army 1835–46
MAA 236: Frederick the Great's Army (1)
MAA 240: Frederick the Great's Army (2)
MAA 248: Frederick the Great's Army (3)
MAA 3: Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
MAA 257: Napoleon's Campaigns in Italy
MAA 217: The War in Laos 1960–75
MAA 32: United States Marine Corps
MAA 33: The US Cavalry
MAA 137: The Scythians 700–300 BC
MAA 342: The US Army in World War II (1)

NVG 190: British Heavy Cruisers 1939–45
NVG 14: Crusader and Covenanter Cruiser Tanks 1939–45 
NVG 100: British Mark I Tank 1916

Post Comments

Michael Lubrano posted on 11 May 2012 16:47:00
I cannot believe that Osprey is continuing to make MAA 33: U.S. Cavalry available. This 40-year old title is riddled with errors and faulty scholarship the worst being "no record of engagements" for the Light Dragoons in the War of 1812 when there was at least a troop present at most every battle since the two regiments rarely fielded as complete units. The Light Dragoon uniform is also illustrated incorrectly as grey instead of blue. More errors abound including the 4th Cavalry being Custer's command at Little Big Horn, General Wainwright escaping from the Phillppines when he spent 1942-45 as a Japanese POW, the 1860 cavalry sabre used as a sword-bayonet (A whaaaaat?) as well as the bugler depicted in Plate D being total fiction as the U.S. Army no longer dressed musicians in reverse colors since the 1851 regulations came into effect. About the only thing I can give this book credit for is one of the few correct illustrations of the 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry aka Rush's Lancers in showing field dress and not the shoulder scales/dark blue trousers which did not last beyond the first campaign. This book is a bad joke and should no longer be circulated.

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