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The Big Reveal is charging into the thick of it today, with six titles coming in from our Combat series. You’ll be able to join them on the battlefield in 2016.

CBT 15: US Infantryman vs German Infantryman (January 2016)

CBT 17: British Redcoat vs French Fusilier (March 2016)

CBT 18: Israeli Soldier vs Syrian Soldier (June 2016)

CBT 19: Apache vs US Cavalryman (August 2016)

CBT ???: King’s African Rifles Soldier vs Schutztruppe Soldier (September 2016)

CBT ???: Finnish Soldier vs Soviet Soldier (October 2016)

Almost half way through the Big Reveal now, let us know what has got you the most excited! Still plenty coming up!

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Paintybeard posted on 16 Aug 2015 10:00:30
That's even better news, AdamC. WW1 in Africa is a fascinating subject and this could be a very interesting analysis of how that campaign panned out. Almost certainly buying this one.
AdamC posted on 13 Aug 2015 16:49:03
Oh sorry, hang on a minute Painty I think there has been a spot of confusion! The title above about KAR Vs shutztruppe is WWI in Africa. The 2017 title is New Zealand infantry vs German motorcycle infantry and cover Greece and Crete in WWII.
Paintybeard posted on 13 Aug 2015 08:46:47
Well hurry up 2017... I shall be very happy to get both books featuring Empire troops in WW2.
AdamC posted on 13 Aug 2015 08:22:26
ANZAC Vs Schutztruppen is 2017 guys and sorry to disappoint you but No 17 is North America only. It's on Amazon if you want to check it out. It covers the French & Indian Wars from 1755 to 1760.
Paintybeard posted on 13 Aug 2015 07:17:54
I thought it was going to be ANZAC vs Schutztruppe? Never mind, I'm still very keen on the title. And I echo the hope that No. 17 will cover Europe as well as America. All good titles, I like the series and will be getting the majority of these.
GI Gene posted on 13 Aug 2015 01:25:15
Really looking forward to Israeli Soldier vs Syrian Soldier. Its been awhile since we had any Israeli subjects, so it will be most welcome. Apache vs US Cavalryman sounds intriguing as well.
FJ-1973 posted on 12 Aug 2015 17:23:40
Good topics!
I would like information about what wars. I guess nr 15 is not the independce war: americans vs hessians ;-).
Railok posted on 12 Aug 2015 14:22:39
You hit this one out of the park, Osprey! Amazing choices and I'll get most if not all of them.
AdamC posted on 12 Aug 2015 13:15:09
Hi folks! Well yet again that's another cracking list!!! I'll take a copy of CBT 17 (although please bear in mind that not all of the 18th century occurred in North America in future chaps!) and the King's African Rifles Vs Schutztruppe is a must have for my collection. All in all another batch of very good titles for 2016. Keep them coming!
KenA posted on 12 Aug 2015 10:48:00
Almost halfway through! I’m not doing too well. Not one of my regular entries made over the last four years in the “Books You’d Like to Read” column has come up so far in the Osprey Big Reveal for 2016. You’re running out of chances Osprey.

Of the CBT titles for next year, the Finnish vs Soviet Soldier most appeals to me. I will, however, want to see how the two General Military titles “Finland at War” (scheduled for release this September and in March 2016, and which I am getting) handle the subject before I make a decision to purchase the CBT title.

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