The month of August is special across the globe for so many reasons. In America it is “National Goat’s Cheese Month”, in the Philippines they celebrate it as the “Month of Philippine Languages” and for many food lovers August is Panini Month.

But for Osprey fans August means one thing – The Big Reveal!

So grab your goat’s cheese panini, turn off “Teach Yourself All 182 Languages of the Philippines” and make yourself comfy. We’re kicking off The Big Reveal with New Vanguard!

NVG 230: Imperial Roman Warships 27 BC – 193 AD (January 2016)

NVG 231: Railway Guns of World War II (February 2016)

NVG 232: The Imperial Japanese Navy of the Russo-Japanese War (March 2016)

NVG 233: Valentine Infantry Tank 1938-45 (April 2016)

NVG 234: British Guided Missile Destroyers (May 2016)

NVG 235: Katyusha (June 2016)

NVG 236: US Navy Light Cruisers 1941 – 45 (July 2016)

NVG 237: BT Fast Tank (August 2016)

NVG 238: World War I Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers (September 2016)

NVG 239: Nile River Gunboats 1882-1918 (October 2016)

NVG 240: M50 Ontos and M56 Scorpion 1956-70 (November 2016)

NVG 241: Austro-Hungarian Cruisers and Destroyers 1914-18 (December 2016)

So there you have it – one NVG title a month makes for a very pleasing list! Keep an eye on the blog for the next instalment.

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RonF posted on 17 Aug 2015 14:36:57
Looking forward to the NVG on US Light Cruisers. My Dad served on the USS Cleveland during WW II.
FJ-1973 posted on 12 Aug 2015 17:32:14
Good topics here! Some (nice!) surprise here, and some that I have waiting to be published. Will mention the Railway guns, WWI Carriers, BT tanks and Nile River gunboats as good choices. Had guessed about one about the Roman Warships after 27 BC (after NvG 225). The katyusha was expected (wondering why that wasn´t already published...).
AdamC posted on 2 Aug 2015 15:17:53
Hi Osprey!!! That's a great NVG list for 2016! Love it! Some excellent titles, a nice spread of eras and nationalities, land and sea. Personaly I'll take 231, 233 (the Valentine AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!), 234, 238 & 239. Never thought I'd see you cover anything like British Guided Missile Destroyers - well done for that one! Bring on the next list!!!
ASM posted on 1 Aug 2015 13:10:29
Some start up with Ospreys most important (to me at least) series! Very excited about the missile destroyer book. A nice surprise. The Katyucha book was expected and I look very much forward to it. I will take the Railway Guns as well. Ontos/Scorpion? Quite marginal but okay why not. Valentine at last! The BT book is an obvious addition but personally, I am covered. The rest are not to my taste. But really gunboats? A good medium year for me.
What I missed (and expected): Helicopters! Again this year! Something about the Soviet or French WW2 navy. Immediate post war years US aircraft carriers and what have the M113 done since it doesn’t deserve a couple of books?
KenA posted on 1 Aug 2015 12:04:30
Well, isn’t that a peculiar old list to start the ball rolling. At least Painty won’t be able to claim that it is dominated by WWII titles. It looks like 2016 may be a relatively cheap year for me and that mightn’t a bad thing. This year has been hard on the pocket. I’m not sure why Osprey is having another gunboat title so soon after having had two. I do hope this isn’t going to be a trend with one gunboat book being produced per year, one for every river that had them.

I’m particularly looking forward to Mark Lardas’s book on WWI Seaplane and Aircraft Carriers. And also to WWI Austro-Hungarian Cruisers and Destroyers (assuming Ryan Noppen is the author as I will be looking for him to maintain the excellent standard he set with his book on the Ottoman Navy).
Paintybeard posted on 1 Aug 2015 11:49:18
An excellent list! Modern British Navy and Valentine Tank at long last. Not many of these that I shall turn down.

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