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Battle Maps 1800-1900

In Military History


A3-86 The title page of the book.


A3-87 Map: Sherman’s March to the Sea 1864 – 1865.




A3-88 Map: Leipzig, 9am 16th October 1813.


A3-89 India, Officers of Native Cavalry at the time of the Mutiny, 1857.


A3-90 Map: First Siege of Lucknow; Defence of the Residency, 1857.


A3-91 Map: The Country Round Ballarat 1854, the Eureka Stockade, Australia.A3-92


A3-92 Australia: The storming of the Eureka Stockade, 3rd December 1854, “With a loud cheer the military swarmed over the stockade”.


A3-93 Italy in Africa 1993, “A handful of Bersaglieri holding an advanced post were cut to pieces”.



A3-94 Map: Italian Operations in the Soudan, December 1893.




A3-95 Map: Battle of Trafalgar, 21st October 1805.




A3-96 Japan, Admiral Ito, 1894.



A3-97 The Battle of the Yula River, 17th September 1894, showing the Ting-Yuen (Flagship) in the front.


A3-98 Map: The Battle of the Yula River, 17th September 1894, between Japan and China.


A3-99 Map: Franco – Prussian War, Strategic Movements Prior to Sedan.


A3-100 Map: Franco – Prussian War, Battle of Sedan, 10.am, 1st September 1870.

This will be continued……

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