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Sneak Peek at August's Artwork

In Military History, Featured

We’ve reached the time of the month where we invite you to take a sneak peek at some of the new artwork coming your way. This month we’re looking at three plates from our August 2017 titles. Take a look below and let us know which is your favourite!

Weapon 56: Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War by Martin Pegler
Illustrated by Johnny Shumate & Alan Gilliland

WPN 56: Sharpshooting Rifles

The image above from Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War shows a trio of Hiram C. Berdan’s sharpshooters shooting from a covered position. The Union forces adopted this method meaning that their position was virtually impregnable.

Combat 27: Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior by Gareth Williams
Illustrated by Peter Dennis

CBT 27: Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior

This plate from Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior depicts the Battle of Maldon, in which the opposing armies clash. The plate shows the similar weapons used by both sides, those at the front with the short seax, whilst the ranks behind use spears.

Campaign 311: Savannah 1779 by Scott Martin & Bernard F. Harris Jr.
Illustrated by Graham Turner

CAM 311 Savannah cover

Savannah 1779 focuses on Britain’s second invasion of the southern colonies during the American Revolutionary War. This plate features the Battle of Brier Creek and shows the 2nd Battalion 71st Highland Regiment ready to lead Britain to a decisive victory over Brigadier-General Ashe’s North Carolinians and Georgians.


That’s all the images we have to share this month, but if you’d like to see more artwork, why not check out last month’s artwork reveal by clicking here. Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War, Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior and Savannah 1779 are now all available to pre-order, don’t forget to let us know which is your favourite image and which title is sparking your interest!

Post Comments

PAUL W posted on 29 May 2017 13:11:18
All look very good and from a great span of ages, Lookng forward to the books.
89P13 posted on 23 May 2017 03:04:30
Best artwork Combat #27 Viking Warrior vs Anglo Saxon Warrior by the great Peter Dennis.
C-Bone posted on 22 May 2017 17:36:24
Huzzah for new artwork day!
I particularly like Graham Turner's plate from Savannah.

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