For the April book vote we are looking to the skies, with 5 potential titles for our Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft series. Take a look at the descriptions below and let us know which of these you'd most like to see in a bookshop near you!

COM: Buccaneer Units of the Cold War
COM: A-20 Havoc Units of World War 2
ACE: Aces of Jasta 21
ACE: F4U Aces of VF-17
ACE: Aces of Jagdgeschader 1 'Oesau'

COM: Buccaneer Units of the Cold War
The Buccaneer entered squadron service with the Fleet Air Arm in 1963 and served aboard the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers until 1978.  The South African Air Force took delivery of sixteen aircraft in 1965 and the first RAF squadron formed four years later.  The aircraft saw service in the maritime role, the overland role in Germany and made a stunning appearance at Red Flag before outstanding service during the Gulf War.

COM: A-20 Havoc Units of World War 2
The Douglas A-20 Havoc was one of America’s best twin-engined light bombers of World War 2, being used in great numbers by the USAAF to support Allied operations in the European and Mediterranean Theaters as a light/medium bomber and reconnaissance aircraft.

ACE: Aces of Jasta 21
A crack fighter squadron that claimed more than 140 victories in just 11 months, Jasta 21 was a Royal Saxon Jagdstaffel that was led into action by a series of high-scoring aces. Jasta 21 flew all the key German fighter types in World War 1, namely the Albatros D II, D III, D V and D Va and Fokker D VII, as well as the more obscure Pfalz D III and D IIIa.

ACE: F4U Aces of VF-17
The elite naval aviators of the legendary Fighting 17, the famed ‘Skull and Crossbones’ squadron, scored 152 victories in 76 days of combat. They proved the worth of the Corsair to the US Navy and outscored the famous ‘Black Sheep’ squadron in the same theatre of operations.

ACE: Aces of Jagdgeschwader 1 ‘Oesau’

Heavily involved in the Defence of the Reich, JG 1 claimed more than 700 victories during World War 2 flying Bf 109s, Fw 190s and, uniquely, He 162 jet fighters at the very end of the war. It pioneered unique tactics against heavy bombers, including ramming attacks and aerial bombing of USAAF B-17s and B-24. Numerous high-scoring aces led the unit, including Walter Oesau (127 victories) and Hans Philipp (205 victories).

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Now its time to look back at last month's nail-bitingly close book vote, which saw 5 Duel titles battle it out.

DUE: M3 Stuart vs Type 95 Ha-Gō: 1941–42 22%
DUE: StuG III vs T-34: Eastern Front 1944 22%
DUE: Ferdinand tank destroyer vs SU-152 self-propelled howitzer: Kursk 1943 19%
DUE: Churchill vs Tiger: Tunisia 1943 19%
DUE: Cromwell vs PzKpfw IV: Normandy 1944 18%

Only 4% separated first from last in the closest book vote we've had on the Osprey site for quite some time. M3 Stuart vs Type 95 Ha-Gō clinched first place, beating StuG III vs T-34 by a handful of votes. Of course, with the amount of interest shown in all these books I wouldn't rule any out for publication some time in the future.


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AdamC posted on 7 Apr 2016 12:37:20
Hi guys!!!
Another great selection of books up for the vote this month!!! I've gone for the "Flying Banana" (a real Cold War Warrior!!!) but would happily see the other four in print too. The A-20 Havoc is a particularly good call. That's a big gap in the Combat Aircraft series and could easily support more than one volume (US use in Europe & Med, US use in Pacific including the P-70, RAF & Commonwealth use, Soviet use!!! Lots of possibilities with the Havoc).
As to last months I fully agree - that was a great selection and I don't think any of them would been out of place in the Duel series. Five strong contenders for future books there!

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