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Just like last year's Big Reveal we have another two Raid titles coming in 2021! Have a read of the brief descriptions below, and let us know what you make of them.


RAID: Big Guns in the Atlantic

During late 1939 the armoured cruiser Deutschland , and later the battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were used as commerce raiders, to strike at Allied convoys in the North Atlantic. These sorties met with mixed results, but for Germany's naval high command they showed that this kind of operation had potential. Then, the fall of France, Denmark and Norway in early 1940 dramatically altered the strategic situation. The Atlantic was now far easier to reach, and to escape from.

During 1940, further moderately successful sorties were made by the cruisers Admiral Scheer and Admiral Hipper. By the end of the year, plans were developed for a much larger raid. The climax of this was Operation Berlin, the Kriegsmarine's largest and most wide-ranging North Atlantic sortie so far. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau remained at sea for two months, destroying 22 Allied merchant ships, and severely disrupting Britain's lifeline convoys. So, when the operation ended, the German commander, Admiral Lütjens was ordered to repeat his success - this time with the brand new battleship Bismarck. The rest, as they say, is history.

This illustrated study is a fascinating and detailed analysis of the Kriegsmarine’s Atlantic raids between 1939 and 1941.


RAID: Storm-333

Storm-333, the operation to seize Kabul and assassinate Afghan leader Hafizullah Amin, was at once a textbook success and the start of a terrible blunder. It heralded the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, an operation intended to be a short, largely symbolic show of force, yet which quickly devolved into a gritty ten-year counter-insurgency that Moscow was never able to win. Nonetheless, Storm-333 was a striking success, and despite initial concerns that it would be an impossible achievement, it saw a relative handful of Soviet special forces drawn from the KGB and the military seize the heavily defended presidential palace, neutralise the city’s communications and defences, and open Kabul to occupation. The lessons learned then are still valid today, and have been incorporated into modern Russian military practice, visible most recently in the seizure of Crimea in 2014.

Written by a recognised expert on the Soviet security forces, drawing extensively on Russian sources, and fully illustrated with commissioned artwork, this is the most detailed and compelling study of this fascinating operation available in English.

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PAUL W posted on 12 Sep 2020 08:31:23
I have to agree with the other comments about potentially being better titles that could of come first but as this is one of my favourite series, I'll be getting both. I'm still surprised as a whole the series wasnt a bigger success.
Paintybeard posted on 11 Sep 2020 08:02:17
I totally echo KenA's remarks: Nice titles, but much more interesting choices could have been made. Still, considering how near we came to loosing this series entirely I shall almost certainly buy both of these, not least to keep Ospreys accountants happy!
kuvaszsleepybear posted on 11 Sep 2020 00:46:49
Deffos for"Storm-333" so so on "Big Guns" Now where is PEBBLE ISLAND?!?!
KenA posted on 10 Sep 2020 14:08:05
I like the Raid series but I think there was scope for better titles than these two as shown by the Raid book suggestions from readers back in August-September 2015 and the Raid titles listed in this month’s book vote.

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