Osprey's Big Reveal: Fortress

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We only have one title joining our Fortress series in 2018, will it be making its way onto your shelves?

Defenses of Bermuda 1612–1995

Bermuda has played an important military role between America and Europe for almost 400 years due to its location in the Western North Atlantic some 635 miles off the Carolinas halfway between Halifax and Jamaica. Bermuda was a key naval base for the Royal Navy after the American Revolution in 1783, and ultimately as allies with the United States. Defending its coastline (64 miles) and ports has been vital, resulting in the construction of over ninety forts and batteries, even though its total land mass is only 20.6 square miles. This concentration of fortifications (4.4 forts per square mile), British possession, and its small size led to Bermuda gaining the informal title of the “Gibraltar of the West”.  Today, the legacy of these defense works remains either as disused structures or parks scattered throughout Bermuda. The book provides an overview of their design, features, and operational history of Bermuda’s fortifications from the settlement of the islands in 1612 to the closure of the last defense base in 1995, as well as what has happened to these fortifications since that time, and which are the best ones to visit today through meticulous research and stunning commissioned color artwork.

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overman posted on 23 Sep 2017 07:53:32
More Fortress titles, please. Vallo Alpino in morthern Italy?
birdman posted on 30 Aug 2017 17:29:39
I like it publishing a new Battle Order Title now and then would be good also.
AdamC posted on 30 Aug 2017 08:33:51
Well, as I said earlier in this years big reveal, I’d rather Osprey do one quality title as opposed to a load of pot boilers. This is a great title with just the right amount of being a little bit different without being off the wall obscure. I very good addition to the series. I’d also like to say that I do like the idea of series like Fortress, Raid etc just getting the odd 1-2 titles per year thus keeping them ticking over while not saturating the series. Maybe Command, Air Vanguard etc could be resurrected in a similar manner in the future???
Tarawa90 posted on 29 Aug 2017 22:08:56
I like it, but only one? C'mon guys!
C-Bone posted on 29 Aug 2017 17:37:14
This is an interesting title, and I'll definitely buy a copy. As the others have mentioned, I'd also like to see more Fortresses.
birdman posted on 29 Aug 2017 16:54:56
I'll buy it. I have all of the fortress volumes except 4 so I don't want to fall behind. A Couple of future titles could be Singapore, Hong Kong, and the Metexas Line Greece 1941, and of course Dien Ben Phu. (I know the last one won't happen but I couldn't resist.)
Paintybeard posted on 29 Aug 2017 16:32:05
It's a bit of a shame that we will only get one title this year, but at least it is an interesting and unusual subject that I shall certainly be getting. Hopefully this means that Osprey are pacing themselves and we can hope for a book or two each year for the foreseeable future.
Hessy Field posted on 29 Aug 2017 16:17:40
A great title but disappointed there is only one addition! Apart from MAA - which I have a soft spot for because it was the first series I started collecting back when I was a teenager - Fortress is by far my favourite Osprey series. It is all the more frustrating because my other two favourite series "Battle Orders" and "Aviation Elite Units" were cancelled back in the day whilst other series - such as "Aircraft of the Aces", despite occasional excellent titles, has been dragged out ad infinitum.
A few years ago I was talking with a couple of curators at the Royal Armouries in Leeds and their view was that Fortress was the best of the Osprey series.

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