AwShux may be nearly over, but we have one more surprise in store for you.We’ve all been caught out after finding that one meeple left out on the carpet, unsure which box it belongs to. Over on our Instagram page we’ve launched our ‘Falling to Pieces’ Quiz where we ask your help to identify which playing pieces belong to which board games.

Head over to our Instagram page here and view our IGTV to play for yourself.

Good Luck!

Answers can be found below. Simply highlight the space between the brackets.

Part 1.

1. (Doom               )
2. (Tsuro                )
3. (When I Dream )
4. (Inkling              )
5. (Don’t Get Got  )

Part 2.
1. (Dream Phone         )
2. (Odin’s Ravens        )
3. (Overseers              )
4. (Samurai Gardener )
5. (Sushi Go Party       )

Part 3.
1. (Undaunted: North Africa    )
2. (Blood Bowl                        )
3. (Wildlands: The Ancients    )
4. (RoboRally                          )
5. (Cryptid                               )

Part 4.
1. (Skull                               )
2. (Lost Expedition              )
3. (Click Clack LumberJack)
4. (Atmosphere                   )
5. (Flick ‘em Up                   )

How'd you do?

Let us know on social media @OspreyGames

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