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The story of how two British sailors in World War II found their final resting place on the shore of America's Outer Banks, and how their sacrifice and memory are honored to this day.Continue Reading
Happy birthday to Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz! You know he won one of the most decisive naval victories at Midway, but here are some other facts about the Admiral.Continue Reading

The Birth to the P-51 Mustang

In Military History, Featured
October 26th marks the 75 anniversary of the first flight of North American's legendary P-51 Mustang. Here's a short history of its origins.Continue Reading
18 August marks the 50th anniversary of Operation Starlite, the first US ground battle of the Vietnam War.Continue Reading
On the 152nd anniversary of the end of the battle, a considered opinion on how close the South may have come to winning its independence at Gettysburg.Continue Reading
Loads of top Osprey titles available super cheap for Kindle users!Continue Reading

7 Item(s)

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