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And here it is! The last of our reveals for Osprey’s series books. Plenty of books are coming in from Campaign, one of our most popular series, but will any of these books take the coveted CAM 300 series number?

CAM 289: Burma Road 1943-44 (January 2016)

CAM 290: Atlanta 1864 (February 2016)

CAM 291: The Dnepr 1943 (March 2016)

CAM 292: Camden 1780 (April 2016)

CAM 293: Downfall 1945 (May 2016)

CAM 294: Operation Totalize 1944 (May 2016)

CAM 295: Chattanooga 1863 (June 2016)

CAM 296: Milvian Bridge AD 312 (July 2016)

CAM 297: The Gempei War 1180-85 (July 2016)

CAM 171: River Plate 1939 (August 2016)

CAM 298: The First Afghan War 1839-42 (August 2016)

CAM 283: Cowpens 1781 (September 2016)

CAM ???: Malaya and Singapore 1941-42 (September 2016)

CAM ???: Zama 202 BC (October 2016)

CAM ???: Operation Market-Garden 1944 (2) (November 2016)

CAM ???: The Thames 1813 (November 2016)

So that’s it from Osprey’s military side – plenty of books to be excited about coming next year!

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AdamC posted on 3 Sep 2015 17:09:36
Sorry that should say "wouldn't mind..."
AdamC posted on 3 Sep 2015 17:08:05
Lol! Ok painty I take your point and you are probably right. What I meant was those two titles complete the conflict as far as the major/significant battles go. Like you, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of the AWI in the CAM series. To be fair though I would mind seeing a CAM title looking at the Siege of Savannah 1779!
Ardashir posted on 3 Sep 2015 01:52:59
I'm seriously looking forward to 297 about the Gempei War. I didn't think there was very much known about it.
PAUL W posted on 31 Aug 2015 23:45:22
Well, saving the best for last defo (sad no raid titles) but will look to get all of these. Great to see River plate return as Tarranto did this year. An excellent list.
FJ-1973 posted on 31 Aug 2015 20:18:37
Must say it´s a good list for me, many books and good topics.
Of course there is the commercial WW2 (like there is some from the Asian front!), ACW and AIW. Hade hope for something WW1 (centennial...) but here is Prit Buttars books...
And was afraid nr 171 hade sailed away :-)
For me the ACW and WW2 in Russia. And I like Milvian Bridge ("in hoc signo vinces"), Zama (well... elephants in battle!), Gempei wars (samurai!) and First Afghan wars (hope for the Second in the future!) and Thames 1813 was a nice surprice and will order this when published.

Thinking about what Campaign would be number 300?

(And hope for some Raid, Myth & Legends, Fortress and some Essential Histories for 2017!)
Aetius453 posted on 31 Aug 2015 19:42:57
Lots of comments. All interesting. I'm excited about the majority of these titles and plan to purchase at least 12 of them. ZAMA should be title "300" as far as I'm concerned. Also, noticed that River Plate was 171 and I remember that that title was seriously delayed. Interesting that they're sticking with the original number. And Milvian Bridge is mandatory for my massive Osprey library!

I'm sorry Painty and Ken are less than ebullient about the 283 & 292. Being from the other side of the pond, I find these titles fascinating and essential. Yes, it's true they've been well covered and their scale was small, but the significant effect on the outcome of that war based on the results of these 2 conflicts was serious. And Osprey's coverage is usually well done and sheds new light on those battles.

Just my opinion. Take it for what you will :).
Paintybeard posted on 31 Aug 2015 19:00:24
I'll take a small bet with you AdamC: That Osprey don't regard the books on Camden and Cowpens as "...completing the AWI". I'm pretty sure they will continue to squeeze out books on minor encounters of decreasing significance as there seems to be a guaranteed market for anything about that particular conflict. So I bet you a pound that there will be at least one AWI Campaign title in 2017.
AdamC posted on 31 Aug 2015 17:02:36
Well as far as I'm concerned that is an awesome CAM list!!!! There is something for everybody there and some truly HUGE gaps filled. I'm really pleased to see both Camden and Cowpens pretty much completing the AWI coverage. Malaya and Singapore is a massive gap filler as is Zama. As far as purchases go I'd certainly like to pick up 289, 291, 292, 293, 294, 296, 171 (well done for resurrecting this folks!!!), 298, 283 and all four of the Un-numbered titles.
KenA posted on 31 Aug 2015 12:31:18
By and large there’s not too much to set the pulse racing wildly here. More of the same old AWI and ACW stuff, treading down the same old path (Sigh).

The WWII titles all look to be good safe bets without bringing anything particularly new to the table (don't let CAM go the way of AVG). [Painty, the full title of Downfall 1945 is: “Downfall 1945: The Fall of Hitler’s Third Reich”, by Steven Zaloga, so I presume it is about the closing months/weeks of the Third Reich in 1945].

Most readers will already know much about these WWII campaigns before reading these titles because they all concern mainstream historical events. I’ll still probably buy three of them nevertheless (289, 171, and Malaya & Singapore). But it is the lesser known, but still interesting, WWII campaigns that really deserve Osprey Campaign books.

The saving grace is the titles on some of the earlier interesting wars where we can, I’m sure, learn a lot.

So yes, there are plenty of books for next year. However, I am like Painty and remain to be convinced of their quality. The reduction in the number of series has been a major disappointment. It looks like I will be purchasing fewer Osprey books in 2016 than I have for quite some years, which is a shame but the titles scheduled haven’t gelled for me.
Paintybeard posted on 31 Aug 2015 09:03:32
My God, 16 Campaign titles in one year. I do hope that quantity will be matched by quality.

Delighted to see a Colonial War title after literally a decade without any coverage. More pre-industrial Japanese history is also very pleasing, so Nos. 297 and 298 will be immediate buys for me. I'm assuming that "Dnepr" will be by Dr. Forcyzk, so that will go straight onto my shelves as well.

Puzzled by No.293; what is "Downfall" meant to cover? Surely not the joke I started a while back about the surrender on Luneburg Heath?

And of course we get the almost mandatory titles on AWI and ACW. Mainly about events that have already been covered pretty well before. Disappointing, but I don't doubt theywill sell.

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