B-26 Invader Units over Korea

B-26 Invader Units over Korea

Frontline Colour
  • Author: Warren Thompson
  • Publication Date: 25 Sep 2000
  • ISBN: 9781841760803
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 128
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About this Product

Although a hangover from World War 2, the seemingly antiquated Douglas B-26 Invader 'bombing twin' proved to be one of the hardest-worked assets employed by United Nations' forces in Korea for the duration of the conflict. Capable of dropping bombs and napalm, firing off unguided rockets or simply strafing targets with its battery of up to 14 nose-mounted 0.5-in Browning M-3 machine guns, the B-26 was equally as effective either during the day or at night. Indeed, the vast percentage of Invader mission were flown during the hours of darkness, for it was the only USAF ground-attack aircraft capable of attacking truck convoys and trains with precision. Over 200 bomber and reconnaissance variants saw action in Korea, and many were adorned with some of the most colourful nose-art ever carried by American combat aircraft in any war - this volume features a gallery of this impressive artwork. Accompanying the photos are detailed captions, plus a concise text outlining the use of the Invader. Many first-hand accounts from pilots that saw action in the B-26 are also included, as is a full appendices listing of the various units that served in Korea. Finally, aircraft specifications and a double-page cutaway complete this volume.

Biographical Note

Warren Thompson has written three books on the Korean War for Osprey in the past, including the best-selling Korean War Aces in the Aircraft of the Aces series. He is also an official historian of the P-61 aircrew association.

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