Austrian Grenadiers and Infantry 1788–1816

Austrian Grenadiers and Infantry 1788–1816

Warrior 24
  • Author: David Hollins
  • Illustrator: Jeffrey Burn
  • Short code: WAR 24
  • Publication Date: 25 Sep 1998
  • ISBN: 9781855327429
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

Aside from the Peninsula and Napoleon's 1807 campaign, Austrian troops played some part in every major campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. Unable to mobilize its population fully for both political and economic reasons, Austria recruited from territories as diverse as modern Belgium, the Czech Republic, central Romania and northern Italy. These soldiers fought on terrains as diverse as the Po valley and the Swiss mountains. This book traces the life and experiences of both the ordinary infantry and the veteran elite of the Grenadier battalions, covering everything from basic training and equipment, to the tactics and horror of the battlefield.

Biographical Note

Jeffrey Burn is a distinguished artist who has worked on several Osprey books over the years, including MAA 230: The US Army 1890-1920 and MAA 34: The Waffen-SS. A keen re-enactor, he lives in the Scottish Borders.


Chronology 1788-1816 The Raw Material In Garrison Training Flags Leadership Reward and Punishment On Campaign Tactics Outposts and Patrols Into Battle Casualties and POWs Aftermath Bibliography

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