Austrian Commanders of the Napoleonic Wars 1792–1815

Austrian Commanders of the Napoleonic Wars 1792–1815

Elite 101
  • Author: David Hollins
  • Illustrator: Christopher Rothero
  • Short code: ELI 101
  • Publication Date: 25 May 2004
  • ISBN: 9781841766645
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 64
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About this Product

Throughout the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, France's most consistent enemy on land was the Austrian Empire. Austria's huge armies played a central part in the several coalitions against France, from the 1790s, to the Austerlitz campaign of 1805, the closely-balanced battles of 1809, and the final upsurge of 1813-14. Contrary to the myth of rigid aristocratic conformity, the generals who led those armies were as diverse in origin and character as their regiments - some were princes of the blood, and some ex-rankers promoted for talent and courage. This text gives concise but fact-packed accounts of the careers of more than 30 of these men, illustrated with portraits and meticulous colour plates.

Biographical Note

Christopher Rothero is an expert on the armies of medieval Europe. He has written and illustrated several titles for the Osprey Men-at-Arms series including volumes 111: ‘The Armies of Crécy and Poitiers 1200-1670' and 113: ‘The Armies of Agincourt'.


Introduction - the composition and workings of the Austrian generalcy and staff The princes and nobles: Archduke Charles - Archduke Ferdinand - Prince Hohenzollern-Hechingen - Prince Johannes Lichtenstein - Duke of Saxe-Teschen - Prince Schwarzenberg The Westerners: Bellegarde - Frimont - Hiller - Wurmser The Easteners: Alvinczy - Kray - Melas - Vukassovich The Chiefs-of-Staff: Mack - Radetsky - Schmitt - Weyrother - Wimpffen - Zach The Anglo-Irish: Brady - O'Reilly - Swinburn.

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