Austerlitz 1805

Austerlitz 1805

Battle of the Three Emperors

Campaign 2
  • Author: David Chandler
  • Short code: CAM 2
  • Publication Date: 25 Jan 1990
  • ISBN: 9780850459579
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

Austerlitz was the battle that established Napoleon's reputation: a classic example of the general's masterly use of deception to lure his enemy into a carefully devised trap. Beginning with the bold and crushing advance of the French Army from the Rhine to the Danube, David Chandler describes the envelopment of Mack's army at Ulm, the manoeuvres to Austerlitz and the counter-attack that resulted in the decisive defeat for the Austro-Russian Army. Excellent overview illustrations of the battlefield at Austerlitz supplement the text by clearly showing the movements of the opposing armies. A comprehensive guide to one of the most important battles of the Napoleonic Wars.

Biographical Note

David Chandler is the former head of the Department of War Studies at Sandhurst, Britain's Royal Military Academy, and a military historian of international renown.


The Road to War in 1805
Plans and Preperations
The Opposing Commanders
The Opposing Armies
The Battle of Austerlitz
The Aftermath of the Battle
A Guide to Further Reading
The Battlefield Today
Wargaming Austerlitz

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