At War on the Gothic Line

At War on the Gothic Line

Fighting in Italy 1944–45

General Military
  • Author: Christian Jennings
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 22 Sep 2016
  • Number of Pages: 336
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As the Allies stormed across Normandy in late summer 1944, another strategically vital yet unsung campaign was being fought across the mountainous terrain of northern Italy. A vast international army of 12 different nationalities had to break through the Gothic Line, a rugged barrier of German defensive positions that stretched from the Adriatic coast to the Mediterranean.
In this fast-paced narrative of a year at war, veteran foreign correspondent and historian Christian Jennings provides an unprecedented look inside these crucial, bloody battles, through the eyes of 13 men and women from seven different countries, bringing history and war to life in this unmissable book.

Biographical Note

CHRISTIAN JENNINGS is a British freelance foreign correspondent, and the author of five works of non-fiction. Since 1988, across twenty-three countries, he has been writing books and journalism on international current affairs, Special Forces, defence and latterly science for publications ranging from The Economist and Reuters to Wired, The Mail on Sunday and The Scotsman. He has been based variously in Sarajevo, London, Pristina, Kigali, Bujumbura, Skopje, Nairobi and Geneva.


Author's Note
Part One: Introduction - The Road to the Gothic Line
1. Beware of the Rabbit
2. The Torturers of Via Tasso
Part Two: Before the Line
3. Italy: A Country Made for Defensive Warfare
4. Nisei Soldiers and the Battle for Belvedere
5. Indians on the Road to Florence
6. Blood and Honour: Partisans and the SS on the Road North
7. Best-laid Plans: The SOE and OSS in Northern Italy
Part Three: On the Line
8. Dug-in Defence: The German Plan
9. The Complexities of Command: Lieutenant General Leese and Operation Olive
10. A Multi-national Assault: Ten Armies on the Gothic Line
11. With Infantry and Tanks: The Canadians on the Foglia River
12. Green Devils on the Adriatic: The German Defence and the Fall of Rimini
13. Mules, Bulldozers, and Bailey Bridges: The Indians on the Apennines
14. Alienating the Italian Population: The Massacre at Marzabotto
15. Fighting German Artillery and Jim Crow: Buffalo Soldiers in Tuscany
16. At the Point of the Line: The Attack on Seravezza
Part Four: Behind the Line
17. Behind Enemy Lines: The SOE and OSS Missions in the North
18. Regular and Irregular Forces: The Fall of Ravenna
19. Christmas in the Serchio Valley
20. East Wind: The Different Flavours of Communism
Part Five: After the Line
21. Secret Surrender: Operation Sunrise
22. The Last Battles: Colle Musatello and Chioggia
23. The Last Day of Battle: Surrender in Italy and Operation Unthinkable
24. Justice for the Germans
Epilogue: What Became of the Characters in the Book

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