Air War in the Gulf 1991

Air War in the Gulf 1991

Combat Aircraft 27
  • Author: Chris Chant
  • Illustrator: Mark Rolfe
  • Short code: COM 27
  • Publication Date: 25 Sep 2001
  • ISBN: 9781841762951
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

In August 1990 Saddam Hussein's Iraqi forces invaded and occupied the small Arab state of Kuwait. This book analyses the ensuing Gulf War (16 January - 28 February 1991) - a war fought to expel Iraq and restore Kuwaiti independence if not, as one British MP tartly observed, to defend democracy. The allies under General Schwarzkopf launched five weeks of air attacks, deploying 1,800 technologically highly advanced aircraft from the US, British, French and Saudi air forces. Many of these machines, including the British Tornadoes and US F-117A Stealth fighters, had never before engaged in combat, and their combined assault, watched by millions on TV, combined impressive accuracy with firepower to which the Iraqi forces had no answer.

Biographical Note

David Donald has had a lifelong interest in aviation, having edited many aviation partworks and books. He is currently editor of the prestigious ‘World Air Power Journal', and managing editor of Aerospace Publishing, publishers of ‘Wings of Fame', aircraft partworks and a range of books including the classic ‘Gulf Air War Debrief'. He has contributed to several other publications, including ‘Aircraft Illustrated' and the ‘Royal Air Force Yearbook'. David currently lives in Oxfordshire with his wife and two children.Mark Rolfe is an extremely talented profile artist. He has worked on a number of titles in Osprey's Aircraft of the Aces and Combat Aircraft series'.


Iraq's invasion of Kuwait
UN Coalition and pre-war developments
High-tech Air War

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