Actium 31 BC

Actium 31 BC

Downfall of Antony and Cleopatra

Campaign 211
  • Author: Si Sheppard
  • Illustrator: Christa Hook
  • Short code: CAM 211
  • Publication Date: 10 Jun 2009
  • ISBN: 9781846034053
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 96
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About this Product

In 32 BC, the Roman Republic descended into civil war between the forces of the Octavian in the west and the famous lovers Cleopatra and Marc Antony in the East. Acting quickly, Octavian managed to trap his foes in the Gulf of Actium. In the ensuing battle, Anthony and Cleopatra manage to escape, but their military forces and their hopes for victory in the war were crushed. Soon afterward, the lovers committed suicide, and Octavian dissolved the republic and declared himself Emperor. Actium has remained one of the most famous battles of the ancient world thanks to Shakespeare and Hollywood. This new book tells the true story of the decisive and bloody battle that would once and for all seal the fate of the Roman Republic.

Biographical Note

Si Sheppard is a doctoral graduate in American Government and International Relations from Johns Hopkins University. He is a professor of political science and geopolitics at Long Island University, Brooklyn. This is the third volume in a trilogy of titles for Osprey depicting the decline and fall of the Roman Republic.


Origins of the campaign
Opposing commanders
Opposing armies
Orders of battle
Opposing Plans
The campaign
The battles
The battlefields today
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