A Pocket History of the Civil War

A Pocket History of the Civil War

Citizen Soldiers, Bloody Battles, and the Fight for America’s Future

General Military
  • Author: Martin Graham
  • Short code: GNM
  • Publication Date: 20 Aug 2011
  • Number of Pages: 256
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Whether novice or buff, readers across the spectrum will find unique and entertaining bits of trivia, facts, and lore about key American Civil War battles and leaders in A Pocket History of the Civil War, a collection of the unusual from author Martin F.Graham. From the identification of key troop locations during seminal battles of the Civil War, to details about monuments, facts about Union and Confederate officers, readers will find myriad bits of fun and fascinating information in this unique collection. Quizzes peppered throughout the book allow readers to test their knowledge.

Biographical Note

Martin F. Graham has written or contributed to several books about the Civil War and World War II: Mine Run: A Campaign of Lost Opportunities was the first, followed by The James E. Taylor Sketchbook. Since then, he has contributed to several histories of the Civil War and World War II for Publications International, Ltd. He is a past editor of Blue and Gray Magazine and a contributor to Civil War Times Illustrated and World War II Magazine. He also has been a featured speaker before a number of Civil War Roundtables. Author's Previously Published Titles include: Graham, Martin, and George Skoch. Mine Run: A Campaign of Lost Opportunities. H. E. Howard, 1987. Graham, Martin. The James E. Taylor Sketchbook. Morningside House, 1989. Graham Martin, and George Skoch. Great Battles of the Civil War. Beekman House, 1990. Graham, Martin, Richard A. Sauers, and George Skoch (with William C. Davis). The Blue and the Gray. Publications International, Ltd., 1996, 2006, 2007.


Chapter One - The Armies: History of the Northern and Southern Armies; Assess the state of the rest of the war at the time of the battle; A table of organization of the Armies.
Chapter Two - The Soldiers: Infantry; Cavalry; Artillery
Chapter Three - The Battlefields: Battlefield maps; Key locations on the battlefields
Chapter Four - The Key Battles: Description of the action
Chapter Five - After the Battles: Results of the battle; What the armies did after the battle
Chapter Six - So You Think You Know About the Battles and the Men Who Fought Them:Battles and battlefields; Monuments; Officers; Weapons; Uniforms and equipment; Reunions and other postwar activities in the park

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