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Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944, Allied Warships vs the Atlantic Wall, American Guided Missiles of World War II, Amtracs, The Anti-Tank Rifle, Anzio 1944, Armored Trains, The Atlantic Wall (1), The Atlantic Wall (2), The Atlantic Wall (3), Atlas of the European Campaign, Bagration 1944, Battle of the Bulge 1944 (1), Battle of the Bulge 1944 (2), Bazooka vs Panzer, BMP Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1967–94, British Battle Tanks, Brittany 1944, BT Fast Tank, Cherbourg 1944, D-Day 1944 (1), D-Day 1944 (2), D-Day Fortifications in Normandy, Defense of Japan 1945, Defense of the Rhine 1944–45, Defense of the Third Reich 1941–45, Downfall 1945, Early US Armor, Early US Armor, Eisenhower, The French 75, French Tanks of World War I, French Tanks of World War II (1), French Tanks of World War II (2), George S. Patton, German Guided Missiles of World War II, German Panzers 1914–18, German Tanks in Normandy 1944, German V-Weapon Sites 1943–45, Gustaf Mannerheim, HMMWV Humvee 1980–2005, Infantry Antiaircraft Missiles, Inside the Soviet Army, IS-2 Heavy Tank 1944–73, Japanese Tanks 1939–45, Jeeps 1941–45, Kamikaze, Kasserine Pass 1943, KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks 1939–45, Liberation of Paris 1944, Lorraine 1944, M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982–92, M1 Abrams vs T-72 Ural, M10 and M36 Tank Destroyers 1942–53, M10 Tank Destroyer vs StuG III Assault Gun, M109 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer 1960–2005, M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer 1943–97, M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1993–2018, M2/M3 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle 1983–95, M24 Chaffee Light Tank 1943–85, M26/M46 Pershing Tank 1943–53, M3 & M5 Stuart Light Tank 1940–45, M3 Infantry Half-Track 1940–73, M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank 1941–45, M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943–65, M4 Sherman vs Type 97 Chi-Ha, The M47 and M48 Patton Tanks, M551 Sheridan, M7 Priest 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage, M8 Greyhound Light Armored Car 1941–91, Metz 1944, Modelling the M3/M5 Stuart Light Tank, Modelling the US Army M4 (75mm) Sherman Medium Tank, Modelling the US Army M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank, Modelling US Army Tank Destroyers of World War II, Mortain 1944, The Oil Campaign 1944–45, Omar Bradley, Operation Cobra 1944, Operation Crossbow 1944, Operation Dragoon 1944, Operation Market-Garden 1944 (1), Operation Nordwind 1945, Operation Pointblank 1944, Panther vs Sherman, Panzer 38(t), Panzer 38(t) vs BT-7, Panzer III vs Somua S 35, Panzer IV vs Char B1 bis, Panzer IV vs Sherman, Panzerfaust vs Sherman, Panzergrenadier vs US Armored Infantryman, Pershing vs Tiger, Ploesti 1943, Poland 1939, The Polish Army 1939–45, Railway Guns of World War II, Rangers Lead the Way, The Red Army of the Great Patriotic War 1941–45, Red SAM, Remagen 1945, The Russian S-300 and S-400 Missile Systems, Scud Ballistic Missile and Launch Systems 1955–2005, Sherman Medium Tank 1942–45, Sicily 1943, Siegfried Line 1944–45, Smashing Hitler's Guns, Soviet Bloc Elite Forces, Soviet Lend-Lease Tanks of World War II, Spanish Civil War Tanks, St Lô 1944, Staghound Armored Car 1942–62, SU-76 Assault Gun, Superguns 1854–1991, T-26 Light Tank, T-34 vs StuG III, T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941–45, T-34-85 Medium Tank 1944–94, T-34-85 vs M26 Pershing, T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tanks 1944–2004, T-62 Main Battle Tank 1965–2005, T-64 Battle Tank, T-72 Main Battle Tank 1974–93, T-80 Standard Tank, T-90 Standard Tank, Tank War, Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1946–60, Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1960–75, Tanks at the Iron Curtain 1975–90, Tanks in Operation Bagration 1944, Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945, Tanks in the Battle of Germany 1945, Tanks in the Battle of the Bulge, Tanks of D-Day 1944, Tanks of Hitler’s Eastern Allies 1941–45, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, US Airborne Divisions in the ETO 1944–45, US Amphibious Tanks of World War II, US Anti-tank Artillery 1941–45, US Armored Divisions, US Armored Units in the North African and Italian Campaigns 1942–45, US Army Tank Crewman 1941–45, US Field Artillery of World War II, US Flamethrower Tanks of World War II, US Infantryman vs German Infantryman, US Marine Corps Tanks of World War II, US Tank and Tank Destroyer Battalions in the ETO 1944–45, V-1 Flying Bomb 1942–52, V-2 Ballistic Missile 1942–52, Warsaw 1920

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Steven J. Zaloga received his BA in History from Union College and his MA from Columbia University. He has worked as an analyst in the aerospace industry for four decades, covering missile systems and the international arms trade, and has served with the Institute for Defense Analyses, a federal think tank. He is the author of numerous books on military technology and history, including NVG 294 Allied Tanks in Normandy 1944 and NVG 283 American Guided Missiles of World War II. He currently lives in Maryland, USA.

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