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The Swedish Pilots Who Rescued a Stricken SR-71
On 28 November, four Swedish air force pilots were awarded the US Air Medal for their courage, quick response and outstanding professionalism in assisting a stricken USAF SR-71 over the Baltic Sea in 1987 during the Cold War... Continue Reading
Osprey's Christmas Gift Guide
Need some inspiration for gifts this Christmas? There's only 2 more days left of our 30% off sale, so we've put together a list of books that make the perfect gift and are included in the sale!  Continue Reading
Osprey Year in Review: January - April 2018
2018 was a special year for Osprey as we celebrated our 50th anniversary. But this particular milestone wasn’t the only thing of note for us this year, with so many new and exciting titles being released and incredible authors and illustrators joining the Osprey family! Continue Reading


The Real 'Into the Reich'
Hi @Osprey and members   Having looked into Ospreys book 'Into the Reich'   Would... Read more
SimonMc 2018-12-14 16:25:49
Contacting osprey
Hi, Robert thanks for he fat response. I have responded to the email and sent pictures of the... Read more
PAUL W 2018-12-12 19:03:28
black friday extended
Hi Paul, Unfortunately, the sale extension only includes books originally included, and therefore... Read more
Robert @ Osprey 2018-12-06 11:22:48
Kindle Success
Just downloaded the new Raid on the Heroes of Telemark and was surprised/pleased to find that... Read more
Northerner 2018-12-05 13:02:33

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Book Vote

Vote for the book you would like us to publish


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