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Sneak Peek at October’s Artwork
In today’s blog post, we're looking at some of the artwork from our October 2019 titles. Let us know what you think in the comments section. If there are any November publications you'd like to see the artwork from, be sure to mention it too! Continue Reading
The Castagnaro Riddle
Today on the blog, authors Kelly DeVries and Niccolò Capponi, of Castagnaro 1387 give a fascinating overview of how their study on the battle of Castagnaro challenges the original narrative. Continue Reading
Japanese Castles: Fact and Fantasy
In today's blog post, Stephen Turnbull, Osprey author and guest host of Geek Nation's Feudal Japan Tour, looks at some of the best and most loved castles in Japan. Continue Reading


Aircraft Of The Aces 64 Yakovlev Aces of World War 2 missing profiles
Hi, i was looking for yakovlev fighter profiles in the members content, but the page doesn't... Read more
Abrizzolari 2019-07-18 13:09:34
July sale
Thank you Minal, at least for me it’s problem solved Regards ph Read more
ph 2019-07-03 18:37:26
Scape flow
I know it's scapa flow! Bl##dy predictive text! The article is also linked by osprey on Twitter. Read more
PAUL W 2019-06-21 11:38:34
Great New 2020 Book's
I don't know how much to read into this either, but Caudine Forks CAM is back up on Amazon... Read more
Tarawa90 2019-07-03 00:08:19

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Vote for the book you would like us to publish


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