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Extract from No Ordinary Pilot by Suzanne Campbell-Jones
No Ordinary Pilot by Suzanne Campbell-Jones, recounts the incredible true story of Group Captain Bob Allen. On 25 July 1944, Bob was shot down, and the RAF informed his family that he had been ‘killed whilst on operations’. He spent the rest of the war in POW camps including the infamous Stalag Luft 3, where he was held in solitary confinement and interrogated by the Gestapo. In 1945, Bob underwent the infamous winter march before finally fleeing the camp and making his way Continue Reading
Macedonian Phalangite vs Persian Warrior
In today's blog post, Murray Dahm, author of Macedonian Phalangite vs Persian Warrior, gives an intriguing overview of Alexander the Great's Macedonian army.  Continue Reading
Warship 2019: Q&A with John Jordan
For over 40 years, Warship has been the leading annual resource on the design, development, and deployment of the world's combat ships. Featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors, each volume combines original research, new book reviews, warship notes, an image gallery, and much more. John Jordan has been the editor of the annual publication for 15 years, including the latest volume, Warship 2019, which publishes 30 May. Continue Reading


Campaign 177 3-D maps not printed properly
Yes, I can send an email. Thanks Emily, I'll get to it as soon as possible. Read more
KAL9000 2019-05-02 20:48:17
Osprey "Under fire" series
There is also a full page advert for them in osprey's July to December 2019 catalogue. Showing... Read more
PAUL W 2019-04-28 10:12:43
What happened to The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845–46: The betrayal of the Khalsa (Campaign) in July?
Thanks Emily,  I'm glad, I'm particularly looking forward to this book.  Read more
PAUL W 2019-04-06 11:13:46
Forthcoming Book on WWII Mediterranean Convoy War
In an area largely neglected by Osprey (the WWII naval war in the Mediterranean), there is... Read more
KenA 2019-03-25 14:23:00

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Vote for the book that you would like us to publish


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