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Osprey's Big Reveal: Raid
We're not far off Raid 50: Heroes of Telemark, which publishes in November, and just like last year's Big Reveal we have another Raid coming in 2019! Continue Reading
The Solomons 1943-44
Uncover more about one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Pacific War, as we are joined by the author of The Solomons 1943–44, Mark Stille.  Continue Reading
Osprey's Big Reveal: Elite
It's time to reveal more of our upcoming 2019 books, and in today's post we'll be looking at our Elite series. Continue Reading


Campaign Artwork
Hi folks, Please could we have more of the recent Campaign series artwork uploaded to the... Read more
AdamC 2018-08-07 11:48:58
August sale
...but now it's back again. Read more
Paintybeard 2018-08-12 14:06:00
Campaign No.330
Paul W: I still grind my teeth when I think of that silly subtitle. Read more
Paintybeard 2018-08-06 02:07:37
NVG Italian Armoured Car
Robert, You were made aware of the Kindle formatting issue in March 2018. Is there a date... Read more
Northerner 2018-08-03 16:26:54

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Book Vote

Vote for the book you would like us to publish


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